Interview with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan

In my first interview for Over60, I sat down with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) to discuss what it was like wrapping up the immensely popular show and what the future may hold for its beloved characters.

It was only a week ago that Australia said goodbye to the hit British drama Downton Abbey, but one of the show’s stars has hinted that we haven’t seen the last of the Crawleys and the Downton staff. We sat down for a chat with Phyllis Logan, who played beloved housekeeper Mrs Hughes.

The relationship between Mrs Hughes and Carson was a focal point in the final two seasons. Were you surprised that the relationship was such a hit with fans?

I suppose I was, Jim [Carter, who plays Carson] said everyone kept asking, “When are you and Mrs Hughes going to get together?” I was like, “get together? That’s how you talk about the youngsters of the show, not two old fuddy-duddies like us,” but it’s amazing how people seemed to be drawn to wanting them to develop a relationship. I mean, they had a very nice relationship as it was, they had great mutual respect.

Did you see the relationship coming at all?

Not really, I thought “nobody’s interested in post-middle-aged love”, but obviously they are, so it’s quite encouraging.

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