The secret behind these comfortable undies

Over60 native article for Depend

Finding a good pair of underpants isn’t easy. Keeping a good pair of undies can be almost impossible if, like one in five Australians, you suffer from incontinence. We get it, no one wants to talk about that stuff, but the fact is that for many people bladder weakness is just another part of getting older. And while it might not be the most-welcome side effect of ageing, it doesn’t have to stop you from missing out on getting the most out of each day.

It’s a widely accepted idea that it’s good for your wellbeing – and fulfilment in life – to embrace all that comes with ageing. But this is easier said than done. From time to time, we all need a “secret weapon” of sorts to help us through. Step in Depend®. They have developed what we think is the most comfortable pair of undies for people affected by incontinence – Depend® Real Fit.

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