Number one reason your health deteriorates as you age

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They say with age comes wisdom, happiness and experience, but unfortunately, that’s not all it brings. Our health naturally declines as we get older for the simple fact that our immune systems aren’t as strong and we’re more prone to age-related diseases. However, while we can blame some health issues on our age, it’s time to accept some of the responsibility, and surprisingly, a lack of regular exercise is the main reason our health deteriorates with time.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just a quarter of adults over the age of 65 get their recommended minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Furthermore, just one in ten of us are doing enough to gain any benefit to our cardiovascular health. This is particularly bad news for ageing Australians, as there are numerous health issues contributed to by inactivity, such as:

  • Reduced muscle mass and bone strength
  • Lower coordination and balance
  • Less flexibility and mobility
  • Higher risk of mental health problems (e.g. depression, anxiety)
  • Higher risk of obesity, heart disease and stroke

While exercise is undoubtedly essential for all ages, it should be a priority for over-60s in order to maintain independence in old age, reduce the risk of disease and improve recovery time should we find ourselves sick or injured. Thankfully, it’s never too late to kick yourself into gear.

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