Simple trick to make you want to exercise

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Did you know that being physically active can actually give you a greater sense of purpose in life? That’s what a recent report, published in the Journal of Health Psychology, found. Unfortunately, many of us are still missing out on the countless benefits of regular physical activity.

And while we all know exercise is good for us, let’s face it – finding the motivation can be a real struggle. Beach holidays and weddings might be enough to encourage us to hit the treadmill in an effort to shift a few kilos and look our best, but unfortunately, these bursts of inspiration tend to be rather short-lived. So, how do you find motivation and make it stick?

The answer is simple – find something you love. You’re not alone if you tend to associate the word “exercise” with physically draining (and, for some people, downright unappealing) activities like running and weightlifting. However, exercise can be whatever you make it, and if you find something you enjoy doing, you won’t even need to “trick” yourself into doing it.

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