Interview with author of “Grandma Forgets”: the picture book helping children understand dementia

According to Alzheimer’s Australia, an estimated 413,106 Australians currently live with dementia, and there are around 244 new cases reported each day. Sadly, this means it’s more likely than ever that each and every one of our lives will be affected in some way by this cruel disease.

And when we, as adults, have such difficulty coming to terms with it, how can we explain it to the kids in our lives? Well, one author may have just found a way.

Grandma Forgets is a picture book offering a gentle and positive yet realistic look into the changes children might expect to see in their older loved one suffering from dementia. Written by Paul Russell and illustrated by Nicky Johnston, this beautiful story will make any child – no matter whether or not their grandparent has dementia – thankful for the precious bond they share with Nan and Pop.

To find out more about this heart-warming book, Over60 spoke to the author, Paul Russell, about what inspired him and how he hopes others can learn from it.

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