Jeffrey Archer interview: “Writing is a drug”

I recently had the privilege of speaking to best-selling author Jeffrey Archer about his new collection of short stories (as well as some old favourites).

A decade after his last collection, international best-selling author Jeffrey Archer is back with a fresh batch of suspenseful short stories, Tell Tale. To find out more about the book and when we can expect to see more from him, Over60 sat down for a quick chat with the 77-year-old storyteller.

Our readers are huge fans of yours and they’re very excited to see what you’ve got in store for the future. What motivates you to keep writing and working at an age when most people – our readers included – are long retired?

I think your opening sentence answers that question. Your fans are very excited to hear what I have to say and there’s a lot of them waiting to find out. In a way, it’s a drug in itself that so many millions of people buy the books, but when you’ve done one, you want to do another.

You’ve written dozens of novels and short stories on many varied topics, where do you draw inspiration for your stories, and this latest batch of short stories in particular?

In the case of Tell Tale, which is 14 new stories, several of them have come in my visits around the world where I pick up the stories. To give you an example, one of my stories from an earlier set of short stories, “The Queen’s Birthday Telegram”, someone gave me that story in Sydney. So, I’m always being told stories or incidents and sometimes I can turn those into a short story.

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