Most people can’t function without their morning cup of coffee, but did you know it’s doing so much more for you than simply helping kick-start your day?

From helping you shed those unwanted kilos to lowering your risk of cancer, we’re taking a look at seven of the incredible ways coffee can benefit your health.

1. Weight loss

Up to four cups of coffee a day is the recommended limit, but even one cup can have a positive impact when it comes to weight management. Why? Coffee is a great appetite suppressant. In fact, decaf coffee might even be better at putting those hunger pangs at bay.

2. Pre- and post-workout

Forget those expensive, sugary sports drinks. Whether you’re doing some light weights or going for a long walk, it’s been proven that black coffee is the perfect thing for you both before and after a workout. A University of Georgia study even found that drinking coffee after exercise reduces DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) by almost 50 per cent!

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