How your facial expressions affect your mind and body

We’ve all heard that faking a smile can actually make you feel happier, but you might not know about all the other ways your facial expression can impact your mood and even your body.

From improving your memory to protecting your heart health and even boosting your self-confidence, here are five little facial expression tricks for you to try.

1. Improve your memory by moving your eyes

You’ve just made it to the shops and the horror sets in – did I lock the front door? If you can’t remember, try moving your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds. According to a UK study, this simple exercise increases recall by 10 per cent by forcing the right and left parts of the brain to work together.

2. Avoid squinting to stay happy

It’s time to whip those sunglasses out! The sun may be shining, but you won’t be if you keep squinting. Italian researchers found that since squinting uses the same muscles as frowning, much the same as faking a smile makes you happier, squinting and frowning can bring on aggression.

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