6 secrets of famous people who lived to 100 and over

Everyone’s searching for the secret to a long, happy and healthy life but most of the time, it’s a bit of a lottery.

That being said, there are plenty of steps we can all take to get us a little closer to reaching 100. And where better to turn to for advice than some of the most famous centenarians in history?

From Hollywood royalty to actual royalty, these tips and pearls of wisdom might just be what you need to attain those elusive triple digits.

1. Olivia de Havilland

Olivia, 101, and her sister Joan Fontaine, who passed away at the impressive age of 96, certainly have good genes when it comes to longevity. As for when her time comes, however, the Gone with the Wind actress knows exactly how she wants to go.

“I would prefer to live forever in perfect health, but if I must at some time leave this life, I would like to do so ensconced on a chaise longue, perfumed, wearing a velvet robe and pearl earrings, with a flute of champagne beside me and having just discovered the answer to the last problem in a British cryptic crossword.”

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