“How I kept the weight off”: Susie Elelman reveals secret to her weight loss

usie Elelman is not only one of Australia’s most beloved media personalities, but she’s also one of the nation’s biggest weight loss success stories.

At her heaviest, Elelman weighed around 135 kg. But it wasn’t until she was shamed for her weight that she decided to make a change.

Now, over a decade since she released her first best-selling book Half My Size, Elelman has beat the odds and kept her 50-plus kilos off, and she’s got a new book to share her wisdom with others going through the same journey.

Over60 spoke to Elelman to find out the secrets to her weight loss success.

Tell us about your weight loss journey – what made you decide to lose the weight? How did you do it?

I’ve had a weight problem all my life, but I knew I had to really get serious when I’d reached a size 22. I’ve since managed to shed in excess of 50 kilograms (yes, I’ve lost more than Posh Spice weighs) and am now half my size and back down to a size 12.

Having been constantly on or off a ‘diet’ for most of my adult life, my weight has fluctuated vastly as a result, but it wasn’t until I implemented some permanent lifestyle changes that I’ve been able to make a long-term difference to my size and shape and keep most of my weight off for more than 10 years.

The real question should probably be, how did I put all that weight on in the first place? I explain that complex issue in my new book Still Half My Size.

Being an emotional eater, one important lifestyle change has been to not use food for anything other than being hungry.

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