12 Must-Try Foods Around the USA and Canada [Scoopon Blog]

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So far, we’ve taken our tastebuds across Europe and down through Asia. Now, it’s time to hop on a plane and head on over to North America – the land of fried food and oh-so-sugary sweets. Put on those stretchy pants, cleanse the palate, and join me as we embark on yet another foodie safari.


1. Philadelphia Cheesesteak – Pennsylvania

Philly cheesesteak may sound boring (how good can some beef and cheese on a roll really be?), but just wait till you try one in the city where it originated. Think perfectly-cooked slices of rib-eye, gooey, melted American cheese, onion, mushrooms, capsicum and sauce on a long roll… I’m already drooling. If you’re heading to Philly any time soon, don’t leave without trying the O.G. cheesesteak from Pat’s King of Steaks – it’s iconic.

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