7 Movies You Have to See in October [Scoopon Blog]

Movies to Watch in October Scoopon

There’s something truly special about going to the movies. The big screen, the comfy seats, the smell of fresh popcorn and a chance to escape from the real world for a couple of hours – what more could you want?

We get it, life gets in the way, and a trip to the cinema seems like the last thing on your priority list. But you know what? You deserve a night out. And if you’ve been holding out for a killer flick to hit the box office, you’re in luck – October is absolutely bursting with blockbusters.

Check out our top picks for this month, and be sure to read till the end to find out how you can save big on your next movie!

1. A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga. Bradley Cooper. Need we say more? A Star Is Born may be the third remake of the iconic 1937 film of the same name, but it certainly won’t leave you with that “ugh, enough already!” feeling that comes with most remakes. The movie, which opened to rave reviews and is already considered a serious Oscar contender, follows an alcoholic musician (played by Cooper) who discovers and falls in love with a young, up-and-coming singer (Gaga). And while the story itself is enough to draw us in, it’s the music and incredible chemistry between our two leads that will stay with you long after you leave the theatre.

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