11 Must-Try Foods Around South America [Scoopon Blog]

Over the past few months, I’ve taken you on a culinary journey of EuropeAsia, the US and Canada. Now, it’s time to head south of the border and experience the fiery, flavoursome cuisine of South America. So strap those taste buds in for a wild ride across the Amazon and down through the wild, rugged mountains of Patagonia!

1. Ceviche

This Peruvian seafood favourite has made its way onto many an Aussie restaurant menu, but there’s simply nothing better than the real deal. Made from raw, fresh fish that’s been cured in lemon juice and spices, ceviche is hugely popular all along the east coast of Central and South America, but Peru has pretty much claimed it as their national dish, serving it up with corn, onion, and sweet potato. Simply delish!

2. Picarones

It seems every culture has it’s own take on fried dough, from Hungary’s lángos to Canada’s BeaverTails. In Peru, it’s all about picarones! These doughnut-like treats, made from squash and sweet potato and covered in a sweet syrup, originated over 200 years ago as a cheaper alternative to buñuelos (a type of sweet fried dough ball popular during the festive season). Root veggies might not sound like fantastic dessert ingredients, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


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