7 Movies You Have to See in December [Scoopon Blog]

The festive season has finally arrived, and with it, plenty of great flicks to give us an escape from the horror that is Christmas shopping. This month, we’ve got the long-awaited sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, a couple of gritty period dramas, and a hilarious new movie from the guys who gave us Step Brothers. And, as always, stick around till the end to find out how you can catch one of these hot new films for less.

Let’s begin!

1. Second Act

Rom-com queen Jennifer Lopez is back! If you’re a fan of Younger, you’ll love Second Act. J.Lo plays a 40-something underachiever stuck in a low-paying retail job who, thanks to a fake Facebook profile and a less-than-accurate resume, lands a flashy corporate gig complete with a massive office and luxury apartment. But will her street smarts and charisma be enough to maintain the ruse? Or will her new life come crashing down?

2. Mortal Engines

From the makers of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit comes the adaptation of Philip Reeve’s dystopian YA novel, Mortal Engines, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which cities have been mounted on wheels and turned into giant, travelling machines, struggling to survive on Earth’s remaining resources. When apprentice historian Tom and masked assassin Hester are tossed out of the ever-moving London, they are suddenly forced to fend for themselves, working together to take down the evil Thaddeus Valentine (played by Australia’s own Hugo Weaving).

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