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Streaming services guide in TechLife 79

I recently had an article published in TechLife issue 79 – a superguide to all things streaming services. Check it out!

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During my time at Over60, we had a content sharing agreement with New Zealand’s most popular news website, which attracts 2 million NZ visitors per month. Here are some of the articles I wrote that were republished over at Stuff. 7 subtle signs of high stress you might not know about The number one […]

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Everything you need to know about vitamin intake

We all know that vitamins and minerals – whether we get them from fresh fruit and vegetables or supplements – are essential for our health. But how do we know if we’re not getting enough? And how can we be sure our medications aren’t affecting our vitamin absorption? Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers […]

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6 warning signs of appendicitis

Last year, more than 25,000 Australians admitted to hospital were diagnosed with acute appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix). If left untreated, the appendix can burst and become life-threatening. As a result, appendicectomy (removal of the appendix) is often the most common emergency surgery performed in hospitals around the country. But if it happened to you, would you […]

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5 simple tips to fix dry hair

As we age, our hair is just one of the parts of our body that goes through a drastic change. Aside from the obvious (going grey), it also becomes thinner, drier, duller, and you may experience some hair loss. But thankfully, you can take steps to ensure your hair looks as healthy as possible no […]

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Eating more of this could slow brain ageing by 11 years

When it comes to eating healthy, you can’t really go wrong with fruit and veg. But just as some fruits are healthier than others, some vegetables have are more nutrient-dense and have more health benefits than others – namely, leafy greens. Leafy greens – kale, spinach, rocket etc. – have been found not only to help reduce […]

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6 things you never knew about David Bowie

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since David Bowie’s death, but as devastating as his loss was to his fans and his peers, at least his music and his legacy will endure forever. So to celebrate his life, we’re taking a look at some little-known facts about the music icon. 1. Why he […]

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6 secrets of famous people who lived to 100 and over

Everyone’s searching for the secret to a long, happy and healthy life but most of the time, it’s a bit of a lottery. That being said, there are plenty of steps we can all take to get us a little closer to reaching 100. And where better to turn to for advice than some of […]

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How your facial expressions affect your mind and body

We’ve all heard that faking a smile can actually make you feel happier, but you might not know about all the other ways your facial expression can impact your mood and even your body. From improving your memory to protecting your heart health and even boosting your self-confidence, here are five little facial expression tricks for you […]

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7 surprising health benefits of coffee

Most people can’t function without their morning cup of coffee, but did you know it’s doing so much more for you than simply helping kick-start your day? From helping you shed those unwanted kilos to lowering your risk of cancer, we’re taking a look at seven of the incredible ways coffee can benefit your health. […]

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