The secret behind these comfortable undies

Over60 native article for Depend

Finding a good pair of underpants isn’t easy. Keeping a good pair of undies can be almost impossible if, like one in five Australians, you suffer from incontinence. We get it, no one wants to talk about that stuff, but the fact is that for many people bladder weakness is just another part of getting older. And while it might not be the most-welcome side effect of ageing, it doesn’t have to stop you from missing out on getting the most out of each day.

It’s a widely accepted idea that it’s good for your wellbeing – and fulfilment in life – to embrace all that comes with ageing. But this is easier said than done. From time to time, we all need a “secret weapon” of sorts to help us through. Step in Depend®. They have developed what we think is the most comfortable pair of undies for people affected by incontinence – Depend® Real Fit.

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Research suggests new findings to relieve gout

Over60 NZ native article for Abeeco

Les Murdoch of Rotorua knows first-hand the effectiveness of natural remedies for treating gout.

“I have suffered with pain for years, at least 10 years and I could get no relief at all. I went to the Doctors, to no avail and even tried acupuncture.

Turning to a concentrated cherry extract proved to be the answer to his problems. “I have renewed quality of life, am more mobile and the pain has subsided,” Murdoch says.

Throughout history, gout was known as the “disease of kings”, common among those who could afford lavish feasts and bottomless bottles of wine.

Today, however, it doesn’t discriminate. Murdoch is not alone – in fact, gout affects 110,000 people in New Zealand, making us the “gout capital of the world”, according to Associate Professor Dr Nicola Dalbeth of the University of Auckland, with NZ studies suggesting this number will double every decade.

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20 things you should never travel without

Over60 native article for Depend

Travelling is one of life’s greatest joys, but packing? Well, packing can be a downright pain in the neck. We all worry we’re packing too much or too little, or if we’re packing the right things at all.

To help, we’ve put together this list of travel essentials to ensure your next trip is a safe and memorable one. With help from you, the Over60 community, we’ve put together your definitive packing list to help you stay comfortable while on holiday and give you peace of mind in case of an emergency.

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Interview with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan

In my first interview for Over60, I sat down with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) to discuss what it was like wrapping up the immensely popular show and what the future may hold for its beloved characters.

It was only a week ago that Australia said goodbye to the hit British drama Downton Abbey, but one of the show’s stars has hinted that we haven’t seen the last of the Crawleys and the Downton staff. We sat down for a chat with Phyllis Logan, who played beloved housekeeper Mrs Hughes.

The relationship between Mrs Hughes and Carson was a focal point in the final two seasons. Were you surprised that the relationship was such a hit with fans?

I suppose I was, Jim [Carter, who plays Carson] said everyone kept asking, “When are you and Mrs Hughes going to get together?” I was like, “get together? That’s how you talk about the youngsters of the show, not two old fuddy-duddies like us,” but it’s amazing how people seemed to be drawn to wanting them to develop a relationship. I mean, they had a very nice relationship as it was, they had great mutual respect.

Did you see the relationship coming at all?

Not really, I thought “nobody’s interested in post-middle-aged love”, but obviously they are, so it’s quite encouraging.

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