Jeffrey Archer interview: “Writing is a drug”

I recently had the privilege of speaking to best-selling author Jeffrey Archer about his new collection of short stories (as well as some old favourites). A decade after his last collection, international best-selling author Jeffrey Archer is back with a fresh batch of suspenseful short stories, Tell Tale. To find out more about the book andContinue reading “Jeffrey Archer interview: “Writing is a drug””

Noni Hazlehurst interview

In 2016, off the back of her incredible Logies Hall of Fame speech, I was lucky enough to chat with beloved Aussie actress Noni Hazlehurst about all things ageing, A Place to Call Home and her stellar career. Australian television legend Noni Hazlehurst has been a fixture on our screens for over 40 years, and she’sContinue reading “Noni Hazlehurst interview”

Interview with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan

In my first interview for Over60, I sat down with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) to discuss what it was like wrapping up the immensely popular show and what the future may hold for its beloved characters. It was only a week ago that Australia said goodbye to the hit British drama Downton Abbey, butContinue reading “Interview with Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan”